Culinary Experience

Chef making tortillas in open space at Cala de Mar Resort

Cala de Mar offers a truly unique and personal way to fully experience Mexican cuisine.
Our professional chef will set up an experience just for you starting with a trip to the market. You and the chef will pick out fresh, local ingredients to prepare your traditional Mexican dish. At the market, the chef will provide the history on the food and the background on where your ingredients originate.
Once you return to the hotel, our chef beautifully arranges your newly purchased ingredients in the kitchen in order to provide the optimal environment for teaching you on how to prepare some of the tantalizing dishes and international cocktails served in our gourmet restaurants.
This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to delve into the history and traditions of Mexican cooking. Classes are limited to two people in order to provide the most hands-on and personal experience possible.

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