Our luxury spa in Cala de Mar Ixtapa takes full advantage of Ixtapa's legendary powers of rejuvenation. Outdoor treatment areas at Cala de Mar Ixtapa Resort make use of locally inspired therapies, taking place just steps away from the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. From native herbs to signature specialties, our Ixtapa spa is an experience in a class of its own.

Signature Treatments

  • Lemon Grass & Toronjil Wrap

This treatment is a local tradition remedy that activates metabolic functions, improves skin oxygenation and circulation. This is a unique relaxing experience that will detoxify your system.

  • Serenity Massage

A total body massage devoted to relaxing and restoring your vital energy. Tension and accumulated stress will vanish with each long, smooth, gliding stroke, loosening tense muscles and improving circulation.

Regional Treatments

  • Amuzgo Herbal Massage

Massage inspired by the ancient traditions of the Amuzgo community using herbal and dehydrated flower poultice that activates with heat and moisture, working on trigger points, healing sore muscles, eliminating toxins, reducing tension and balancing body, mind and spirit.

  • Regional Flower Wrap

Enjoy a unique hydrating and nourishing wrap with a home recipe of various flowers collected in the region of Guerrero. A poetic tradition that brings harmony and beauty for those who bathe in the aroma and color of these unique flowers.

Spa Rituals

  • Harmony Ritual

A grounding and deep relaxing experience based in ancient wisdom begins with our traditional Amuzgo Herbal Massage complemented with an anti-age facial.

  • Aztec Ritual

A tradition among the local villages, our signature wrap Lemongrass & Toronjil will delight your senses and will be complemented by a 60 minute therapeutic massage.